SXK Geyser Style RDA 5.10€

SXK Geyser Style RDA

SXK Geyser Style RDA

Le SXK Geyser Style RDA est un atomiseur reconstructible de type dripper fabriqué en acier inoxydable d’un diamètre de 22mm. Le SXK Geyser clone est doté d’un plateau composé de 4 plots, ainsi que d’airholes situés sur les coils.

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Caractéristiques du SXK Geyser Style RDA :

The SXK Geyser style RDA is an unique 22mm RDA that features 4 bottom airflows that can hand quad coils. The center teflon piece withstands high heat and is there to distribute the juice that you drip from the top. It also takes up space inside to create a more flavorful vape. There are 4 posts that have large post holes to hold even your thickest wire. The RDA is compatible with 510 drip tip.

  • Quad pole design (2 positive + 2 negative)
  • 4 direct to coil air holes which will produce massive vapor and intense flavor
  • Chambered air hole concept: Airflow is below the base with air deposit (for easier drags)
  • Seamless side air intake in the base of the atomizer (Air holes are not noticeable)
  • 22mm diameter
  • Height without drip tip: 33mm
  • O-ring less for easy maintenance
  • Laser engravings on the tube and serial numbers on the bottom

SXK Geyser Style RDA 5.10€ (Livraison incluse)

SXK Geyser Style RDA

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